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Espresso Point is a division of the Blue Pod Coffee Company, an Australian-owned and -run company located in Mulgrave, Victoria.

All our coffee machines are purchased directly from the manufactures and designed to Lavazza’s exact standards exclusively for use with our coffee capsules. Espresso Point and Blue Pod coffee machines are offered to our customer free on loan for as long as you enjoy our premium Lavazza coffee capsules.

The capsule system, a mess free, easy way to make real Italian espresso, is used by all of our machines. For Espresso Point, the capsules are available for purchase in sleeves of 20 (of a single variety) and are then packed in outer cartons for a total of 120 capsules (6 sleeves) per order.

We pride ourselves on providing fantastic customer service with expertly trained sales staff able to help you with your enquiries and a team of technicians on site to assist with troubleshooting and provide service to all of our coffee machines.
Once you have experienced the Taste of Lavazza – The Real Italian Espresso Experience – you will be hooked for life.